Vitamin C and Growth Factor

The sun is shining this Easter morning, so perhaps you think about how we can prevent sun damage.

Sunscreen pops in your head first, but many other products can also help.

Sun and other environmental stressors cause our bodies to produce free radicals, which in turn break down collagen and thereby cause our skin to wrinkle, spot, and sag.  What can we apply to our skin to help prevent free radical damage?   Vitamin C!    That’s right… Vitamin C is an antioxidant that absorbs free radical chain initiators and shuts down propagation of free radicals that break down collagen.  Vitamin C also helps lessen hyper-pigmentation, reduces inflammation, and boosts the efficacy of sunscreen actives.

Not all Vitamin C skin care products are equally effective.  Vitamin C is hard to stabilize.  As soon as Vitamin C comes into contact with air and light, the Vitamin C begins to break down.  Thus, Vitamin C products must be stored in airtight containers.  Vitamin C products stored in tubes or glass jars with droppers will lose their potency as soon as you open the container.  Also, many types of vitamin C exist, and the best type of Vitamin C for skin care products is L-Ascorbic acid.

At Honolulu Cosmetic Laser, we have Brighten, our product containing pure stabilized L-Ascorbic Acid in a patented system, which provides an enhanced means of delivering L-Ascorbic Acid into the skin.  In addition to the Vitamin C, Brighten also has growth factor TGF-beta-1 that may play a significant role in stimulating collagen growth in order to help reduce the telltale signs of aging.  In a recent clinical study, after 60 days, patients experienced a 30% increase in collagen and 50% decrease in lines and wrinkles.

For this month, Brighten is on sale for $95.50.  (Regular price is $114.60)

If you are interested in experiencing the beneficial effects of Brighten, please call 808-469-1997 or e-mail to schedule an appointment.     HAPPY EASTER!



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