The Painless Way to Reverse Aging and Effectively Diminish Wrinkles or Cellulite

In recent weeks, I have been trialling a new technology that offers a painless way to achieve noticeable results in skin tightening, cellulite reduction, and circumferential fat reduction –  and I have seen some amazing results.  Referred to as “Venus Freeze,” this treatment uses the power of multi polar radio frequency combined with pulsed magnetic fields to penetrate deeply, quickly, comfortably, and safely into the skin.

The treatment takes about one half hour and patients can relax knowing they will feel a warm comfortable sensation, very much like a warm massage.  The treatment does not require any cooling agents or numbing cream and it can be done over lunch time or anytime during the day without worry about returning to normal activities.   Patients of all skin types can be treated safely and comfortably.

What is most compelling about this type of treatment is not only are results often visible after the first treatment, but as you work through the series for your face, neck, or body, the final results continue to improve as Venus Freeze stimulates the body’s own ability to grow collagen and optimizes the cellular functions of the skin, effectively leading to a delay in chronological aging and a possible partial reversal of photo-aging.  Essentially, with each treatment, you are investing in the future health of your skin and delaying the aging process.

The Venus Freeze is approved by the FDA for facial wrinkles and creases, and approved by Health Canada for temporary reduction of cellulite and skin tightening.  The long term results for cellulite are still being investigated and are very exciting because the Venus Freeze reduces the volume of fat cells while tightening the skin.

I will be announcing a special for the Venus Freeze in the coming days just for my clients.  Look for it in your e-mail!

Also, Venus Freeze will be featured on “The Doctor’s Show” soon!




Category : Blog Posted on September 18, 2012

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