New Treatments on the Horizon for Dynamic Wrinkles

I just want to report some new treatments I recently saw in Paris.

For people who use botulinum toxin on wrinkles between the eyebrows and on the forehead lines, two new treatments will be available in the future.  One is a botulinum toxin cream. Yes, that’s right: not an injection but a cream!   You’ll have to come to the doctor’s office to have the cream applied, but you won’t have to have a needle injection.  The cream will also help in areas where a lot of punctures are needed to have any effect, such as the neck.

The second treatment is a device that freezes superficial nerves.  The treated nerve hibernates, resulting in the nerve’s temporary inability to make the corresponding muscle contract.  You immediately see results with forehead lines smoothed out and lines between your eyebrows erased.  It was pretty impressive.  I do not think it will be used for the other areas that botulinum toxin can be used.  The company assures me there is no long lasting harm to the nerve.

These two procedures are currently being evaluated by the FDA for approval.

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Category : Blog Posted on March 4, 2012

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