New Sunscreen Available

Many of my patients are using “Instant Sun Protection” Sunscreen, which does not have any chemical absorber component.  The “Instant Sun Protection” Sunscreen is a physical block, so it protects your skin right away.

Now, I have a new and improved version of this sunscreen.   It goes onto your skin clear.  Yes, there is zero whiteness.  It is not heavy at all.  It is the lightest feeling sunscreen that I have felt.   It is  free of  all oil, alcohol, fragrance, paraben, and  paba.    It is sensitive skin friendly.  You can put it over your make-up.  It is water resistant for 40 minutes. It is broad spectrum, SPF is 50+, UVA & UVB protective.  It also has antioxidants of Vit C, Green Tea Polyphenols and Resveratrol. Best of all, it does not have the sunscreen smell.   It costs $38.20 for 4 oz.

Please come in and try it!

Category : Blog Posted on April 30, 2012

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