Welcome to Honolulu Cosmetic Laser

You work hard for everyone, now it's time for you to reward yourself!

I know that the decision to seek aesthetic treatment can be a weighty one. From skin rejuvenation and tightening to hair removal and body reshaping, you worry about which treatments can get results at an affordable cost with the highest degree of safety.

Can laser treatments achieve all that you want? Maybe and maybe not. Your plan might include medical grade cosmeceuticals, injectables including Botox and fillers, and aesthetic laser treatments. At Honolulu Cosmetic laser, all these treatment options are available to you. Honolulu Cosmetic Laser is my boutique practice in which I will help guide you through the maze of aesthetic, non-surgical treatment options and help you develop a customized treatment plan to help you look your best.

I understand your concerns, because I have personally tried each of the treatments I offer to my patients. All of the treatment options I utilize entail little or no down time because I know you’re busy, and you don’t want any treatments to interfere with your responsibilities at work and at home. That’s what I wanted too when I had these treatments. So, I have experience not only as the doctor performing the treatments, but also, like you, as a patient contemplating and undergoing the treatments.

Personal care in every way is my goal. If you become a patient of Honolulu Cosmetic Laser, you will interact ONLY with me. I personally perform all consultations and all treatments.

You can request a free consultation by texting me at (808)-469-1997 or sending me an email.

Working together, I would like to help you look your best and feel your best.

Carolyn Mai, M.D.